This article is a brief description on the cornhole game rules, cornhole board distance and how to play cornhole. Cornhole game rules are simple, fun and easy.. The cornhole game is an amazing game that dates far back to the Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries. It doesn’t discriminate, but is fit for any age, and can be played right on anywhere with an open space. Over time, it has been dubbed many names like the Corn Toss, Soft Horseshoes, and even the Bean Bag Toss.

Now the cornhole game is all about throwing or tossing bags of corn or beans at a higher platform with a hole in it. With a good aim, tossing a bag through the hole on the platform gets you a 3 points score, but a bag that merely lands on the platform scores only 1 point.
The first team or player, to make a total of 21 points wins the round. The teams can decide to play one round or make it a top 2 out of 3. Hence, its simplicity fetched it more popularity and acceptance in the outdoor recreational sports.
The only ability required is your success at accurately throwing a bag at platform 24-30 feet distance with a hole in it. You can draw the platform closer if kids would be taking part. The game is one interesting way family and friends can recreate and still build bonds.
Cornhole Rules and Regulations
Setting up the cornhole game is very simple, and the rules aren’t hard either. First, the only equipment essential is two raised platforms, two sets of bags, a scoreboard or card, and two or four players. The bags are usually in sets of four and it is advisable that they are of different colors for recognition. Each bag is loaded with dried corn or beans, measuring 6 x 6 inches and should be about 14-16 ounces weight. It is recommended you use a heavy material like double sewn nylon or canvas.

tossing a cornhole bag

Step 1
The corn bags and the raised platforms should be 24 to 30 feet apart, measuring from the center of one raised platform’s hole to the center of the other platform’s hole. Mark a foul line even with the rear of each platform.
Step 2
You can have two teams; each should have at least one or two players. If only two people are contending, they both get two corn bags each. If four players are competing, each receives one corn bag. If a team has two players, place them both at opposed sides of the playing space to throw their bags.
Step 3
Choose who makes the first throw. That player, and other contenders after that, just throw the corn bag toward the hole on the other side of the space, and he must remain behind the rear of the raised platform on his side when attempting that throw. If he goes beyond the foul line — which can be an imaginary line — at the rear of his raised platform when making the toss, the corn bag is taken out of play for that round.

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The Top 10 Outdoor Party Games (Besides Cornhole)

Is your birthday party or any other celebration around the corner and you are in search of the best outdoor party games? Well, we have got you covered. The games highlighted here are the kind to get you hysterical excitement as they burn extra calories. By the time you are done with them and head home, you will be wonderfully weary. So let’s kick off with the first one!

  1. Wheelbarrow races


A wheelbarrow race is one of the most competitive outdoor party games that involve two players racing. One of the players acts as the driver while the other takes the role of a wheelbarrow. The “wheelbarrow” walks on hands as the driver holds the ankles. Once a “GO!” Has been given, the wheel starts racing up to the finish line. However, if they happen to fall along the way, they have to go back to the beginning of the line. It is more fun if you are two or more sets competing against each other but still one set can do the trick.

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5 Simple Tips to Help You Toss a Cornhole Every Time

tossing a cornhole bag

There are a number of vital elements to be considered when tossing a cornhole bag effectively.  The difference between the pros and the casuals is largely due to the mechanisms of a proper toss and how effective these techniques can be repeated.

An effective and repeatable toss, however, is certainly more of an art than a science.

The following are some tips you may want to follow when tossing a cornhole bag:

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Popular Cornhole Boards You Can Buy Now on Amazon

It is no secret that Cornhole is the best tailgating game the world has ever known, and it is our belief that each family deserves to possess at least a single Cornhole set.  By picking one of the following Top 10 selling Cornhole Boards (or Wraps) on Amazon, you can get a personalized accessory that features amazing paintjobs with your favoraite College and NFL Teams, American Flags, Hunting/Camoflauge and more!

Camouflage Target Cornhole Game Set Border Design

Camouflage Target Cornhole Game Set Border Design


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How to Make Custom Cornhole Boards

Cover image for article about how to make cornhole boards

Beside bags, cornhole boards are the most essential equipment that you need for playing corn hole. This article will show you how to make custom cornhole boards.

Some of the best cornhole boards can be bought for relatively low price, under 100$ per piece. But today I am going to show you an in-depth tutorial on how to make cornhole boards with custom design of your choice.

If you intend to surprise your best Cornholer friend, why not build him or her a customized cornhole board with personalized design, name and messaging.

Its definitely a much creative gift than buying a ready-made cornhole board! Continue reading

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How to make cornhole bags in less than 1 hour

Cover image for article about how to create cornhole bags

Beside boards, cornhole bags are the most important piece of equipment that you need for playing cornhole.

You need to have 8 bags – 4 for each player.

Each team needs to have different bag color, so it can be easily distinguished which bag belongs to which team while the bags are on a board.

Make sure that 4 bags are made out of one color and other 4 bags out of some other color. Preferably, try to use two contrary colors. Continue reading

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How To Organize a Cornhole Tournament

how to organize cornhole tournaments

The 2 Week Diet

Cornhole tournament, or as Cornholers like to call it Cornament, is a championship that is organized between usually 10 or more cornhole teams/players.

Over the past few years Cornhole has attracted many new players. There are now enough active Cornholers nationwide in order for official tournaments to be held every year.

You don’t have to be a professional player to compete on official ACA tournaments. Many amateur teams are competing on these tournaments. Continue reading

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Official 3 Hole Washer Toss Game Rules

Washer toss game rules cover image

Washer toss, frequently called washer pitching, is a fun tossing game mostly played during backyard parties.

This family game is very similar to horseshoes but much safer because the tossing object is much lighter than heavy iron horse shoe ring.

In washers game players throw very light steel washers that can be found in any hardware store.

This old game has many different names, but in essence those are all synonyms for washer toss. You can sometimes hear names such as huachas, Washeroos, Washer Toss, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Holy Boards or Washoos. Continue reading

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Cornhole Accessories That Every Cornholer Must Have

Cover image for article about cornhole accessories

Beside cornhole boards and bags there are plenty of additional cornhole accessories that will improve your playing experience.

In this article we bring you some of the most handy pieces of equipment that you can buy for your next cornhole game. Continue reading

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