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Popular Cornhole Boards You Can Buy Now on Amazon

It is no secret that Cornhole is the best tailgating game the world has ever known, and it is our belief that each family deserves to possess at least a single Cornhole set.  By picking one of the following Top … Continue reading

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How to Make Custom Cornhole Boards

Beside bags, cornhole boards are the most essential equipment that you need for playing corn hole. Some of the best cornhole boards can be bought for relatively low price, under 100$ per piece. But today I am going to show … Continue reading

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How to make cornhole bags in less than 1 hour

Beside boards, cornhole bags are the most important piece of equipment that you need for playing cornhole. You need to have 8 bags – 4 for each player. Each team needs to have different bag color, so it can be easily distinguished which … Continue reading

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Cornhole Accessories That Every Cornholer Must Have

Beside cornhole boards and bags there are plenty of additional cornhole accessories that will improve your playing experience. In this article we bring you some of the most handy pieces of equipment that you can buy for your next cornhole … Continue reading

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11 Beautiful UNC Cornhole Board Design Ideas

University of North Carolina also known as UNC is a public university located in North Carolina, US. UNC teams are also known as Tar Heels. They compete in all sports. Men sports in which they compete are basketball, fencing, swimming … Continue reading

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14 Ideas for Harley Davidson Cornhole Boards

So why are Harley Davidson cornhole boards so popular? Well because there are many cornholers that are die hard Harley Davidson fans. It shouldn’t surprise you, because annually museum of this motor brand attracts over 300.000 visitors from all over … Continue reading

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Baggo vs Cornhole – is there any difference?

Those who are new to cornhole game often ask if there is any difference between baggo and cornhole. In terms of game play the short answer is no! Basically, cornhole is the same as Baggo, but the only difference is … Continue reading

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