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5 Simple Tips to Help You Toss a Cornhole Every Time

There are a number of vital elements to be considered when tossing a cornhole bag effectively.  The difference between the pros and the casuals is largely due to the mechanisms of a proper toss and how effective these techniques can … Continue reading

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How To Organize a Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole tournament, or as Cornholers like to call it Cornament, is a championship that is organized between usually 10 or more cornhole teams/players. Over the past few years Cornhole has attracted many new players. There are now enough active Cornholers nationwide … Continue reading

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Official 3 Hole Washer Toss Game Rules

Washer toss, frequently called washer pitching, is a fun tossing game mostly played during backyard parties. This family game is very similar to horseshoes but much safer because the tossing object is much lighter than heavy iron horse shoe ring. … Continue reading

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Ultimate Cornhole Terminology

  If you are an active player then you need to be aware of the cornhole terminology listed on this page. For those of you who are new to cornhole, these terms might sound a bit strange. This list gradually … Continue reading

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How to Play Cornhole – Official Cornhole Rules & Regulations

Although it’s often played in backyards and tailgating parties, you can also compete on nationwide tournaments. Championships are organized each year. Before buying your first kit of cornhole boards and bags, it’s important to learn cornhole rules and how to play … Continue reading

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