How To Organize a Cornhole Tournament

how to organize cornhole tournaments

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Cornhole tournament, or as Cornholers like to call it Cornament, is a championship that is organized between usually 10 or more cornhole teams/players.

Over the past few years Cornhole has attracted many new players. There are now enough active Cornholers nationwide in order for official tournaments to be held every year.

You don’t have to be a professional player to compete on official ACA tournaments. Many amateur teams are competing on these tournaments. Continue reading

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What is Cornhole and How it All Began?

cover image for history of cornhole article

Cornhole, also known as Baggo, is the most popular bag toss game in the United States. No matter if you are an adult or kid, male or female, this sport attracts people from all ages and gender.

Its often played with friends and family during backyard tailgating parties.

But don’t get me wrong, this is not just an ordinary family bag toss game, there are many tournaments being held nationwide every year. Continue reading

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Official 3 Hole Washer Toss Game Rules

Washer toss game rules cover image

Washer toss, frequently called washer pitching, is a fun tossing game mostly played during backyard parties.

This family game is very similar to horseshoes but much safer because the tossing object is much lighter than heavy iron horse shoe ring.

In washers game players throw very light steel washers that can be found in any hardware store.

This old game has many different names, but in essence those are all synonyms for washer toss. You can sometimes hear names such as huachas, Washeroos, Washer Toss, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Holy Boards or Washoos. Continue reading

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Cornhole Accessories That Every Cornholer Must Have

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Beside cornhole boards and bags there are plenty of additional cornhole accessories that will improve your playing experience.

In this article we bring you some of the most handy pieces of equipment that you can buy for your next cornhole game. Continue reading

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11 Beautiful UNC Cornhole Board Design Ideas

Cover image for UNC cornhole board design ideas

Here are 11 Beautiful UNC Cornhole Board Design Ideas:

University of North Carolina also known as UNC is a public university located in North Carolina, US.

UNC teams are also known as Tar Heels. They compete in all sports.

Men sports in which they compete are basketball, fencing, swimming & diving, golf, lacrosse, soccer, cross country, tennis, wrestling, football and track & field. Continue reading

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Cornhole vs Beer Pong – Which Game is More Fun?

Is cornhole or beer pong more fun

Cornhole vs Beer Pong – Which Game is More Fun?

These days there are many games available for outdoor play. Every game is fun in it’s own way, but common thing with every outdoor game is that they are very addictive.

Both cornhole and beer pong are fun to play with your friends. Also both of these games can help you socialize with your neighbors or acquaintances.

According to Google, cornhole is far more popular than beer pong, especially during hot summer days.  Corn hole is mostly played on tailgating parties. However there are many tournaments and championships being held every year nationwide. Continue reading

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14 Ideas for Harley Davidson Cornhole Boards

Cover image for Design ideas for Harley Davidson cornhole boards

So why are Harley Davidson cornhole boards so popular?

The 2 Week Diet

Well because there are many cornholers that are die hard Harley Davidson fans. It shouldn’t surprise you, because annually museum of this motor brand attracts over 300.000 visitors from all over the world.

Today there are many fan clubs, restaurants, blogs, museums related to this brand.

Fans of this motoring brand are totally a different breed compared to other brands. They are are much more engaged and loyal to the brand in all areas of life. Continue reading

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Baggo vs Cornhole – is there any difference?

Baggo vs cornhole

Those who are new to cornhole game often ask if there is any difference between baggo and cornhole.

In terms of game play the short answer is no! Basically, cornhole is the same as Baggo, but the only difference is in the equipment.

Essentially Baggo is only a brand name that specializes in manufacturing a unique cornhole equipment. While the game rules and scoring is the same, Baggo cornhole boards are very different and much superior than basic wooden cornhole boards.

The regular cornhole boards are 4 feet long while Baggo boards are only 3 feet. So just a feet shorter!

Get Your Hilarious “I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!” shirt by clicking image and be the comedic relief at your next cornhole get together..

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Continue reading

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Top 7 Backyard Games That Are Good for Kids

The best lawn and backyard games for kids

It’s a shocking fact that many young kids spend most of their time playing games on smartphone and tablet devices. During cold winter days we really can’t blame them and actually many smartphone games can help stimulate brain development.

However in summer, you should definitely try to organize outdoor activities and games for your kids to stimulate motoric and physical skills as well.

Smartphones are closely related to addiction and sleeping disorders. That is why it’s hard to achieve balance between smartphone and outdoor activities. There are also many sporting apps that can combine these two kind of activities. If your kids are really into technology then consider buying them a Nintendo Wii. This console is much better alternative to other popular consoles because with Wii kids are actually physically engaged with game.

Continue reading

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Best Free and Paid Cornhole iPhone and Android Apps

Top list of best cornhole apps

With over 30.000 active members, cornhole is becoming more popular every day.

Since this is a summer lawn game that is mostly played outside, it is very hard to organize games during winters.

Luckily these days almost everyone has some kind of smartphone device and there are plenty of bag toss games available for download.

Cornhole games are very popular on Apple and Android marketplaces, some of the most popular apps have over 100.000 downloads. Continue reading

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