About Us – Who is behind CornholeMart

The idea of CornholeMart was on drawing board for quite some time. We wanted to make this website the go to place for every active cornhole player. The idea is to include both high quality informational content and web shop with high quality cornhole equipment at one place.

This meant that we needed to dedicate time to create high quality tutorials for beginners and advanced players. We also needed to find and test manufacturers of cornhole equipment so we can recommend you only the best products available on the market.

Our journey with conrhole began about 10 years ago at friend’s backyard party. Our true passion for board toss games was born once we really started improving our skills and started competing on nationwide tournaments.

We are a group of passionate cornhole players who strive to promote this game internationally and attract more players to this exciting game. Unfortunately cornhole is not very popular in countries outside United States. That is why we are developing a multi-language version of this website to attract and organize more international tournaments world wide.

Lack of high quality step by step information on the subject of cornhole inspired us to create CornholeMart. We will try to include easy to follow tutorials on how to play cornhole for every age and level of skills.

Markus Willson, our head coach and the initiator of this project, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced cornhole player. He has been in the game for over a decade and introduced cornhole to many people across the United States.

We have been learning and improving our game together ever since we started playing. Now with we want to pass that knowledge to other cornhole enthusiasts.

Beside informational blog post we have implemented a web shop with high quality equipment and affordable for every budget level. This will let cornhole players find quality game sets from reliable manufacturers and sellers.

For those who are on a limited budget or enjoy working on DIY (do it yourself) projects we have prepared easy to follow FREE step by step tutorials on how to build your own customized cornhole boards and bean bags.

Also we have partnered with professional designers and t-shirt and hat printing company to offer you quality, modern and affordable clothing for your cornhole team.

Our mission

  • To help you introduce cornhole to friends and family members
  • To help you organize cornhole games so you can host a cournhole championship in your neighborhood
  • To help you find the best equipment with standardized dimensions
  • To connect you with other players across the US and internationally
  • To have more fun playing this amazing game! 🙂